Tuesday, May 4, 2010

"Flash Floods & Ponies"

I met a man on the subway last night when i was on my way home from work. my first instinct is usually to be as frank as possible, too shy to talk to strangers in the real world, & this whole weekend i've had a string of uncomfortable encounters going home late at night.

something about this man though didn't seem as creepy as the other old men who talked to me.

the fuck was his name??? anyways, before i my stop i asked if i could take pictures of him to continue my "Portraits of Strangers" series. he had a very interesting face, & stories for days. reminds me the old days when a fun night meant you were paying a hooker to tell you a really good joke.

for the good'ol'days
this one's for you ith3um. never forget.

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